Monday, October 17, 2016

Exciting News for The Bridge & Tunnel Romances!

Greer and the gang are heading back to Hope Falls this January!

As many of you know, last June my Bridge & Tunnel girls appeared in author Melanie Shawn's fictional world of Hope Falls, California where artist-couple Greer Langley and Hunter Black delved deeper into their dark and highly emotional romance. I'm pleased to announce that they've been invited back to Hope Falls along with photographer Tasha Buckley and painter Jennifer Okimoto!

Call me crazy, but I've decided to make the first romance in the series, Brooklyn Flame, FREE on all digital platforms as a way to celebrate and introduce readers to these fabulous and artistic hipster chicks!

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About Brooklyn Flame

A burgeoning sculptor in the Williamsburg art scene, Greer Langley loves her craft and has little time for much else. Spending her days locked away in her studio and her nights huddled on her rooftop gazing out at the city she's learned to call home, she's focused on one thing and one thing only: The Phoenix Juried Art Competition, an exhibit that will make or break her career.

Hunter Black has a thing for artsy girls and Greer is no exception. He's learned early to stay free of attachments, especially when they're the competition. But with sexy, determined Greer, he's been hooked ever since she caught his eye through a crowded gallery. He's never had an in with her. This time he will.

But when Hunter shows up to model for Greer and sparks fly, she suddenly realizes they're much more than artist and muse. He's ready to take the plunge with her… but will it destroy the one woman who's tamed his heart for good?

More Bridge & Tunnel Romances

Manhattan Flame (A Bridge & Tunnel Romance, #2)
Links to buy:  Kindle  |  Nook  |  iBooks  |  Kobo

There's nothing quite like springtime in Manhattan and for aspiring photographer, Tasha Buckley it's the perfect season to take photos so she trails through a park in search of compelling shots. She needs at least ten strong pictures for her upcoming art exhibition at Windsor Fine Art, but as night settles over the city she witnesses a brutal crime.

Officer Kevin Wright hails from a working-class family filled with cops and firefighters, and though he takes pride in being one of New York's finest and working the front desk of the 26th Precinct in Harlem, he just isn't feeling it tonight … that is until a gorgeous African-American woman storms into his stationhouse with terror in her eyes…

Crime reports go missing, a stalker emerges, and a conspiracy to cover up the murder threatens the sultry photographer, but Kevin isn't going to let anything happen to the woman who's stolen his heart.

As Tasha and Kevin forge a relationship in the midst hunting a killer, danger closes in and it doesn't just threaten to tear them apart, it could take their lives as well.

California Flame (A Bridge & Tunnel Romance, #3)
Link to buy (exclusively on Amazon):  Kindle 

Eager to pay it forward, Greer Langley arrives in northern California to teach sculpture at the inaugural Hope Falls Art Camp with her boyfriend and fellow artist, Hunter Black.

The landscape is breathtaking, the students are lively, and though five days in a quaint town should feel like a vacation, darkness clouds Hunter's mood and for the life of her, Greer can't understand why…

And Hunter plans to keep it that way. Some secrets are meant to stay buried and if Greer keeps digging for the truth of his troubled past, it could tear them apart. But when they meet a young boy with the same hidden scars as Hunter, the sculptors discover that art doesn't simply imitate life, it can also save it.

***Author's note: Each book in The Bridge & Tunnel Series can be read as a stand-alone***

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