Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fighting the Flames is now Live!

Fighting the Flames (A Bridge & Tunnel Romance, Book Three) is live!

The third installment of my Bridge & Tunnel romance series is now available on all digital platforms!
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About Fighting the Flames

Newly single, having dodged a matrimonial bullet, Melinda Perkins is ready to embrace living life on her terms. She’s moved into her very own condo with breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline. She’s free to jog as long and late as she wants, see her friends whenever she pleases, and give in to her workaholic ways without feeling a twinge of guilt. Most importantly, Melinda can now focus her full attention on curating the upcoming art exhibition at her gallery.

Well, not all of her attention. There is one sexy firefighter who’s becoming a bit distracting…

But Melinda promises herself not to get sucked in or swept up or fall head over heels. She can fight these feelings, absolutely!

If there’s one thing Ian Gallagher lives for, it’s fighting fires. He’s damn good at charging headlong and fearlessly into flames, risking it all to save lives. And though his reckless, daredevil ways might get him into hot water with the Chief, they’ve also gotten him into his fair share of panties. The ladies sure do love a hero…

But Ian’s no hero. Ten years ago, he’d failed to save the one woman he loved most in this world. And ever since, despite leading a bachelor’s life to the envy of his firefighting friends, Ian has been holding himself back. That is, until he meets an intriguing blonde who accidentally set her state-of-the-art kitchen on fire.

Melinda and Ian might both be scared to fall in love again, but when they’re confronted with their undeniable attraction to one another and things heat up to scorching degrees, they realize there are only two options on the table…

Will they fight the flames or give in to their burning desires?

***Author’s note: Each book in The Bridge & Tunnel Series can be read as a stand-alone***

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